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Let the Mitochondria answer
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On MitoPathway® models

• Isolated mitochondria from
    Tumor cell lines
    Normal cell lines
    Rodent organ mitochondria (Liver)

• Cultured human cells
    Tumor cell lines
    Normal cell lines
    Differentiated cells

For anti-tumor drug discovery

  • Identification of Bcl-2 family targeting compound *
  • Identification of respiratory chain targeting compound
  • Mechanism of action understanding

*Buron et al., PlOS One, 2010


Identification of tumor specific compounds

You are a pharmaceutical industry or a biotechnology company and you want to identify mitochondrial targeting properties of your drug.

Mitologics tumor targeting assays using  platform are for you :

Starting module

• Swelling/Transmembrane potential
• Release of pro-apoptotic factors
• O2 consumption driven by Complex I or II

              on tumor versus healthy mitochondria

Premium module

  • mPTP targeting
    • Swelling inhibited by Cyclosporin A
  • Bcl-2 family targeting
    • Bax-Bak oligomerization
    • Complex disruption of Bcl-2 family members
    • Characterization of recruited Bcl-2 family members
  • Respiratory chain targeting
    • Complex (I-V) enzymatic activity