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The Scientific Board

Dr. Pierre Rustin

Pierre Rustin is Research Director at INSERM UMR1141 (Neuroprotection in the developping brain) at the Robert Debre Hospital (Paris). Pierre focuses on physiopathology and therapy of mitochondrial diseases and is specialized in the study of mitochondrial metabolic functions and oxidative phosphorylation activity. Pierre Rustin is an expert advisor of Mitologics and provides both technical and scientific supports to validate mitochondrial preparations and to develop new assays.

Dr. Bernard Fromenty

Bernard Fromenty is Research Director at INSERM UMR 991 (Liver, metabolisms and cancer) at the University of Rennes 1 and is specialized in hepatotoxicity. He demonstrated a major role of mitochondrial dysfunction in drug-induced liver injury. Bernard Fromenty is a toxicology expert advisor of Mitologics.


Dr. Laurent Meijer

Laurent Meijer is co-founder of ManRos Therapeutics established at Roscoff since 2007. Laurent is expert in the field of disease-relevant kinases and their pharmacological inhibitors. Laurent Meijer is an expert advisor of Mitologics in the field of drug discovery and cancer therapy.