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To do what ?

Identification of compound mitochondrial-targeting properties

What kind of assays ?

  • Induction/inhibition of Permeability Transition Pore (mPTP) opening
  • Induction/inhibition of Mito K ATP-dependent channel opening
  • Induction/inhibition of Bax/Bak pores opening
  • Induction/protection against Oxydative stress




Mitochondrial targeting/protection

Mitologics developed assays to identify potential mitochondrial target of compounds (ex. Permability Transition Pore, Mito K-ATP channels, Bax/Bak pore, complexes from respiratory chain...). Mitologics proposes assays to detect the protective properties of compounds to protect mitochondria against specific stress (ionic, oxidative, apoptotic...) (Buron et al., PloS One, 2010; Brabant et al., 2009; Belzacq-Casagrande et al., 2009).