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To do what ?

Identification of tumor-specific compounds for safer oncology treatments.

What kind of assays ?

• Targeting Bcl-2 family members

  • Release of pro-apoptotic factors; Bax/Bak oligomerization
  • Complex disruption of Bcl-2 family members

• Targeting specific tumor respiratory chain complexes

  • Respiratory chain complex enzymatic activities on isolated or in situ mitochondria



Tumor targeting

In tumor cells, the balance between life and death is impaired due to deregulation of proteins involved in apoptosis especially mitochondrial proteins. Moreover, metabolism and respiratory chain functionality may differ between healthy and tumor cells leading to different sensitivity. Mitologics developed screening assays on isolated healthy versus tumor mitochondria to identify tumor-specific drugs and understand their mechanism of action. One of them is based on MOMP is a reliable and predictive screening tool, tailored for identifying series or compounds with selective toxicity profile against mitochondria from cancer cell lines but devoid of toxicity against healthy mitochondria (Buron et al., PloS One, 2010).