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Let the Mitochondria answer
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On MitoXpert models

• Isolated mitochondria from
       Normal human cell lines

• Cultured human cells
       Primary cells
       Normal human cells

For objectivation of cosmetic ingredients

  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Slimming

Mitochondrial efficacy assays

You are a cosmetic industry and you want to evaluate the efficacy of your ingredient.

You are looking for an in vitro alternative method.

Mitologics mitochondrial efficacy assays using platform are for you :

Module I. Prevention

• Stimulation of respiratory chain
• Stimulation of fatty acid β-oxidation
• Induction of MitoK ATP-dependent channel opening

Module 2. Protection

• Protection from Ca-induced swelling
• Protection from cytochrome c release
• Protection from oxidative stress

Module 3. Recovery

• Stimulation of respiration or fatty acid β-oxidation
•Stimulation of ATP production
•Stimulation of mitochondrial biogenesis