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Let the Mitochondria answer
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To do what ? Identification of acute & long term mitochondrial toxicity due to parent drug or active metabolites by using isolated rodent mitochondria and metabolic competent HepaRG® differentiated cells

What kind of assays ?

  • Mitochondrial membrane integrity (swelling, potential, MOMP)
  • Respiratory chain activity (O2 consumption driven by Complex I and II, FAO, Seahorse, ROS, ATP, mtDNA)


Discovery toxicology

Due to their charge many compounds are mitochondrio-tropic and can trigger important mitochondrial alterations at the origin of severe human health damages. Mitochondrial toxicity leads directly to deleterious effect on target organs such as liver, heart, kidney and is a key point in chemicals safety determination and drugs development process. Every year clinical trials are stopped and drugs are withdrawn from the market because their toxicity has not been detected by classical methods. Mitologics’ toxicity assays are highly predictive of drug-induced hepato-toxicity in human (Porceddu et al., Tox Sci 2012; Buron et al., Env Toxicol 2016).