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March 2018

57th Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology, March 11–15, 2018, San Antonio, Texas. Meet Mitologics at the following poster sessions: Poster 1546/P772:  Identification of...

November 2017

Bio-Europe 2017. November 6-7, 2017, Berlin (Germany)

October 2017

Cosmetic 360. October 18-19, 2017, Paris (France)

Last publications

  • Chronic and low exposure to a pharmaceutical cocktail induces mitochondrial dysfunction in liver and hyperglycemia: differential responses between lean and obese miceBuron N, Porceddu M, Roussel C, Begriche K, Trak-Smayra V, Gicquel T, Fromenty B and Borgne-Sanchez A
    Env Toxicol. 32(4):1375-1389, Apr 2017
  • Identification of drug-induced mitochondrial alterations using the HepaRG cell lineC. Pertuiset, M. Porceddu, N. Buron, S. Camus, C. Chesn and A. Borgne-Sanchez
    Toxicology Letters 238(2):S316-S317, Oct 2015
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Predictive toxicity assays

Identification of tumor specific compounds

Identification of compound mitochondrial-targeting properties