The attendees of the next Society of Toxicology 55th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, March 13–17, 2016, in New Orleans, Louisiana, are invited to meet Mitologics' team at booth 327. Mitologics will present the last developments of its screening toxicity platform MiToxView during poster sessions:
1. In vitro prediction of antiretroviral drug-induced hepatotoxicity by using mitochondrial MiToxView® screening platform
2. Exploration of drug-induced mitochondrial toxicity mechanisms on hepatic mitochondria and cultured cells (presented by L'Oréal)
Scientific communications
Mechanistic toxicity profiling of chemicals and nanomaterials by combining the ToxTracker genotoxicity assay and MiToxView mitochondrial toxicity platform.
Giel Hendriks et al.
Toxicology Letters (2015)

Mitochondrial dysfunctions in liver due to environmental drug contaminants and obesity. Porceddu M et al.
Toxicology Letters (2014)

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Mitochondria, a key organite at the turning point of life and death
Mitologics S.A.S. is a biotechnology company specialized in detection of mitochondrial alterations. Mitologics owns a technological platform dedicated to compounds screening on isolated mitochondria from healthy tissues and tumor cells.
This cellular organite possesses two membranes: an outer membrane surrounding the intermembrane space and an inner delimiting the matrix, site of metabolic reactions. Mitochondria play a major role in cell energy (ATP) production through respiratory chain located at the inner membrane and transform fuels and oxygen into CO2 and H2O to produce ATP.

In addition mitochondria ensure key function in cell death control. Death-regulating proteins are localized at the outer membrane and provoke membrane permeabilization in response to death stimuli. This event is required for the release of pro-death molecules outside mitochondria and death signals induction.
We focus on two axes:
  • Discovery toxicology
    Due to their charge many compounds are mitochondrio-tropic and can trigger important mitochondrial alterations at the origin of severe human health damages. Mitochondrio-toxicity leads directly to deleterious effect on liver and heart and is a key point in chemicals safety determination and drugs development process. Every year clinical trials are stopped and drugs are withdrawn from the market because their toxicity has not been detected by classical methods. Our toxicity assays on isolated healthy mitochondria are predictive of in vivo toxicity (hepato-toxicity, cardio-toxicity).
    Porceddu M., Buron N., Roussel C., Labbe G., Fromenty B. and Borgne-Sanchez A. Prediction of liver injury induced by chemicals in human with a multiparametric assay on isolated mouse liver mitochondria (2012) - Toxicol. Sci. 129(2):332-45.

  • Anti-tumor efficacy
    In tumor cells, balance between life and death is impaired due to deregulation of proteins involved in apoptosis especially mitochondrial proteins. Mitologics developed screening assays on isolated healthy versus tumor mitochondria to identify tumor-specific drugs and understand their mechanism of action.
    Buron N., Brabant M., Porceddu M., Desgué D., Racoeur C., Lassalle M., Rustin P., Péchoux C., Jacotot E. and Borgne-Sanchez A. Use of Human Cancer Cell Lines Mitochondria to Explore the Mechanisms of BH3 Peptides and ABT-737-induced MOMP (2010) - PLoS One. 5(3):e9924.