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Hepatotoxicity evaluation: how to spot early adverse effects on mitochondria?

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Bio-Europe Spring 2020

Mitologics will be present at Bio-Europe Spring, March 23-25, 2020, Paris (France). Meet us at the Partnering session and Medicen Paris-Region booth #75

SOT annual meeting 2020

Mitologics will be present at SOT, March 15-19, 2020, Anaheim (California). Poster #1970/ P277: Drug-Induced Impairment of Mitochondrial Fatty Acid Oxidation and Steatosis: Assessment of Causal...

Last publications

  • The Mitochondrion-lysosome Axis in Adaptive and Innate Immunity: Effect of Lupus Regulator Peptide P140 on Mitochondria Autophagy and NETosisBendorius M, Neeli I, Wang F, Reddy Bonam S, Dombi E, Buron N, Borgne-Sanchez A, Poulton J , Radic M and Muller S
    Frontiers in Immunology. Vol 9, Sep 2018
  • In vitro assessment of mitochondrial toxicity to predict drug-induced liver injuryPorceddu M, Buron N, Rustin P, Fromenty B & Borgne-Sanchez A
    In book: Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology -- Drug-induced liver toxicity, Eds. M. Chen & Y. Will, Springer LLC, New York (NY, USA), Apr 2018
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Predictive toxicity assays

Identification of tumor specific compounds

Identification of compound mitochondrial-targeting properties